Love, belonging and joy …

Norway and the world lost a great man yesterday. In a world where greatness is increasingly lacking, Thorvald Stoltenberg stands out as an icon. Politician, family-man, peace broker, ambassador and much more. He will be missed and remembered by the world for his relentless peace brokering efforts in the Middle East and the Balkans. By his fellow Norwegians for his generosity and for giving a face to his family’s fight against drug abuse. For his heartfelt engagement as Red Cross president and for his egalitarean mindset.

This beautiful flower lit our path when hiking the swiss-italian alps a few weeks ago. Encapsulated by tall, rugged mountains, its pristine beauty, energy and scarcity conveyed a message of hope and love.

Never give up on love and belonging, and joy.♥️
RIP Thorvald Stoltenberg.


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